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Just because it's raining does not mean you skip out on your moisturiser. Moisturise everyday and stay healthy! #Reniuskin #reniuhairtransplant #Dr.Manas #bestskincare mysore.

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Laser hair regrowth, hair stimulation, hair nourishment, hair fall therapy

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Hair treatment or Hair growth treatment through Mysuru's best trichologist at our clinic. We assess your scalp through trichoscopy to find out the hair problem and give you the best treatment options.

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MOLE Excision surgery is simple office time procedure for mole removal which can be done without leaving a scar or a mark. It carries high success rates with less recurrence as we are removing it surgically.

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Scar treatment, acnescar treatment by Microneedling RF or MnRF at 1 session.

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Best Hair treatment Hairfall treatment hair regrowth LLLT or Laser hair therapy with Reniudome is advanced technology which stimulates hair for the growth and reverses the hair fall resulting in fuller scalp.

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WHats New at RENIU Microneedling Radio Frequency or MnRF for scar treatment Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP Advanced peels LLLT or low level laser light therapy

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Best Hair treatment Hair fall treatment Hair regrowth treatment LLLT or low level laser light therapy for hair treatment. Laser in LLLT therapy stimulates the hair root to benefit the above said problems.

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PRP treatment or PRP therapy or Platelet rich plasma therapy is one of the unique advances in hair treatment to tackle hairfall, hair thinning and hair regrowth

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We do hair transplant treatment in mysore, and also we give skin treatment and hair loss treatment centre.